It’s time for a goodbye~

Dear Readers,

As I’ve mentioned before, I have joined the military and will be focusing my time on the days before I leave to bootcamp. I had requested of my recruiter to move my ship date up as soon as possible and lo and behold, it’s been granted. I will also be doing Active Duty, rather than Reserves, meaning that I will have little or no time to translate.

Therefore, this is a goodbye. However, before I leave, I’ll upload the images from the LN of weakest skeleton and the new changes/corrections to the previous chapters(Corrected til 14, images added as well). The images will also correspond to the chapter it’s in, but I might not have time to make changes to the EPUB.

There is a submenu of images(next to My entire class) if you don’t wish to reread the chapters and just want to view the images. There is a tab called continue if you wish to take over, filled with my stash of po–Oh wait, work I meant.

Though I wish I could at least finish to chapter 20 of Weakest skeleton and the Impregnable Dreadnought series, I cannot. I hope someone out there, who has interest in these series, continue to translate these stories. I am sooooo grateful for all the readers comments, suggestions, and just loving the story as much as I did. If I have time, I hope to pop in every now and then. Maybe do a teaser release, if given time?

Thank you for bearing with me these past months(only up for 1 year so far…). Thanks for being an amazing audience. Thanks for subscribing/following. Just thank you, to each and everyone. I truly am grateful to have been a part of the translating community, regardless if I am not well know.


Your’s truly,

Soojiki 掃除機さん


Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫; Chapter 3: After school

Soojiki’s note: Sorry for the delay. Holiday came, job searching, 8 more months before bootcamp. Also received the official LN of My Entire Class Reincarnated, so I’m slowly updating the episodes and will be uploading pictures of scenes that matches. I’ll also have to rework the epub/pdf too. I actually enjoyed the pictures, but not going to rip em off the book just to get a clear copy…should have maybe bought epub versions but I like physical copies too! As always, enjoy!

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Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫; Chapter 2: First day

Soojiki’s note: Relatively quick releases so far, but don’t expect so much of this. Also, anyone care to tell the difference between: 魔法(magic?) and 魔術(magic arts/black magic?), 魔法師(mages?) and 魔術師(magicians?) lastly: 魔力(magical power vs mana). As always, enjoy!


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Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫; Chapter 1: Matriculation

Soojiki’s note: I’m enjoying translating this so far! I’ve even sought permission from the author, seeing that this is a completed short novel and so I’m hoping for a positive answer… My Entire Class official LN is scheduled to come this Wednesday! Other than that, hope you all had a Merry Christmas/Happy holiday. As always, enjoy!


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Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫: Prologue 3

Soojiki’s note: Finished college/finals. On a college hiatus and looking for work until Military bootcamp, so then I get to focus more on translating! Yay!? Thanks for all those who participated in the survey too! You have my gratitude! Decided to pick this up after reading the prologue and someone suggesting for it’s revival on Novel Update Forum. Currently putting My Entire Class on HOLD until I revised all previous episodes (on episode 4 so far), and waiting for the LN to actually arrive(Bought via Excited to see the book that I Machine Assisted Translated (MAT? Think of something better? Type it in the comments below!). Although this series may be short(24 chapters, including an epilogue and 3 prologues.), I hope you’d enjoy it. So far I’m liking the character interactions. Please let me know how you feel regarding this short series! As always, enjoy!


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Episode 18: Time Bomb

Soojiki’s note: Please take the time to fill out the sticky survey if you’d want more release from me :3 *holds translation hostage*. Exam week, school done soon, finding job. Also planning on buying the actualy LN from Japan via Amazon to support the author. Will upload pictures that coincide with the parts of the WN. As always, enjoy.


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Episode 17: Transfer Student Serena

Soojiki’s note: Serena will refer to herself in 3rd person most of the time. I have been busy with school, life and entering the military(to which I am enlisted as of now but must maintain my status), working out, etc… School is almost done and thanksgiving break is here. Changed to 3rd person from here on, in the event that someone takes over and gets confused. So instead of I, it’s Kyosuke. Will work to make this reflect throughout the previous episodes(read: slowly). This project will remain active (but slow); however, if a translation group/individual wishes to take over for faster speed, you have my blessings. Without further ado, enjoy! (Need to work on my 3rd point of view skills)

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Episode 16: Melancholy of the Class Rep Demon King

Soojiki’s Note: Hiatus=Over! Yay…or nay? Like other translators, I’m at the college age, thus am busy. Especially since I’m in talks with a military recruiter as of now. Most of my time is dedicated to working out, school, working out, sleep, working out, social, and then there’s translating. So I’ll try to squeeze an hour or two in a day to translate. Other than that, summer has been an amazing experience with teaching Japanese. How was your, fellow readers/translators, summer? As always, enjoy Episode 16!


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