Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫; Chapter 2: First day

Soojiki’s note: Relatively quick releases so far, but don’t expect so much of this. Also, anyone care to tell the difference between: 魔法(magic?) and 魔術(magic arts/black magic?), 魔法師(mages?) and 魔術師(magicians?) lastly: 魔力(magical power vs mana). As always, enjoy!


『Hn……Y. yes……?』

April 6th, 2052

Lilicia’s voice reached as the test Mamoru ran on his phone worked fine. Instead of the usual icy shrewd-like voice, it’s a seemingly charming voice of being half asleep.

Which reminds me that she’s not a morning person as he thought to himself and guessed that he made a wrong move.

“Ah—, good morning. My bad, but were you sleeping………?”


Mamoru timidly asked but received silence in return.

Aaah crap, he regretted as Mamoru now had no courage to sever the connection between the phone.

If he’d do it now, later on he’ll have to face even more wrath from her.

“I need to talk but….is now not a good time?”

『……call you later』

Saying so, Lilicia hung her line.

Mamoru cursed his bad luck as he sighed.

He’s sure that he might have almost woken her up, as she might have just been one step away from being fully awaken.

Even if she’s half asleep it’ll be good enough, but she rather call back once she’s fully awake.

“I knew I should have called when it was night…..”

He’d should have called at night, when she’s laying on her bed. Though it still might be ‘dangerous’, it’s better than calling in the morning when she is potentially half asleep.

He continued in regretting his decision, as he waits for Lilicia’s call back. In his room at the dorm, he began to change into his uniform.

Since the Hole appeared, many citizens left the area around Saiun city, resulting in the Academy having a vast amount of land and enabling students of both genders having their own room.

And thanks to that, Mamoru leisurely changed his clothes at his own pace in his own private room.

Making sure his personal appearance was decent enough to go out, he was about to put on his black blazer, when he stopped.

The MAD vibrated within his slack’s pocket.

As there’s no terminal screen for live feed, Mamoru chose the phone option.


『Good morning. Mamoru. However, it’s impolite to call at such an early time. Please don’t lack any consideration towards me.』

She rapidly spoke her complaints as Mamoru looked for the time in his room.

It’s 7:45am.

He’s not sure whether he may or may not have called too early.


“Do you remember when that time you took me along to Astoria at 3 in the morning? Forcibly”

『It was due to it being an urgent matter. Are you saying your business now is urgent?』

Feeling a faint tone of pouting coming for the other line, Mamoru sighed and laid down on the nearby bed.

“It’s not that urgent but just a small request. Besides that, aren’t you going to be busy soon? I wonder if tomorrow’s better”

『……So? What’s your business?』

“Nothing that’s particularly too big. There’s some guys being haughty due to the system this academy has. Anyways, what you said yesterday was about this matter then?”

『I see. So you realize it now?』

Lilicia left some profound words yesterday which probably indicated troubles the academy bore, to which Mamoru now understands.

“Rather than……realizing. It was a something that troubled the homeroom teacher, Matsuoka. He wanted to try and see if a director would be involved so this situation can solve itself, but?”

『It would be simple to lose that system. However, doing so would make the students with higher level and students with lower level being mixed together while taking classes. I think that’s would be worse than now.』

“Maa…..that’s about right”

With the class divided, if each classes were taking lessons together, then there won’t be much quality of improvement within the class.

And if the classes were to be mixed, the teacher’s burden would increase further with many of the students beginning to develop superiority complex.

At the end of it all, the only disadvantage would be that some students would understand why it happened.

The B class, believing themselves to be overly superior, or the other classes, which consider themselves inferior to the above.

In the first place, the aggregate amount of magic required has entirely never been decided.

For example, a carved lapis would hold at most 1 magic and using one lapis would then mean using 1 magic. Gears are sets of lapis holding at most 3-4.

On one side, mages would be able to manipulate about at least 20-30 magic.

Just like how it’s not that different in using the cards in your hands, the tactics between a magician and a mage differs greatly.

It’s like going in an endless loop again, with Lemuria, Astoria and the 13 families wanting to obtain greater magical and superior personnel by means of mutual marriages.

If comparing Lemuria’s mage and Earth’s magicians, then there’s distinct variation of mana.

There are some exception from Earth’s side, but if considering a normal Earthling, then is it even possible to reach what a Lemurian would average?

Essentially, it wouldn’t even be called a “rivalry” between an amount of those with mana.

For that reason, magicians would acquire an all-purpose high magic and raise that individual magic’s precision and strength.

The all-purpose high magic has little to no trouble needed when compensating for it, and it’ll become a weapon for specialized magicians when taking out mages.

It’s not the quality of the magician that’s important, but their devotion to studying.

Those unable to do that are quick to fail.

『I can’t loan my ears to listen to the teacher’s arrangement. There’s not much for me to do as a director.』

“Cool as always eh……”

『……..If those below are unsatisfied, should I place you in A class? That alone would be efficient.』

Mamoru strained a laugh at Lilicia’s proposal.

Lilicia did not seemingly seemed to be proposing that.

“The school entrance ceremony was only just completed so I barely know my left or right around the class, so changing it would be troublesome. Above all, if I wanted to move up, I’ll do it myself”

『Mamoru. You should know by know you already have the power to do so. But you’re not supposed to exhibit your powers to your heart’s content. Is there anything you’re unsatisfied with?』

“Don’t say something like that since you put me here…….Well, not like I’m graduating from this academy in particular, but since there’s no objectives I want to complete, I guess I might as well raise my assessment in the academy”

『It’s because you’ve already became a Knight, right. A normal person would be aiming for where you’re at.』

“It’s not like I wanted anything to do with that. Opps, it’s already time. Sorry for accidentally waking you. I’ll solve my problem in my own way. Then, until next time”

Mamoru hanged his phone after leaving those words.


Though its called a magic academy, it’s not like all they do is practical skills.

The students who attends Saiun Academy have studied magic since they were young, so they’ve already done magic exercise.

And speaking of those kids, they’ve now passed beyond the basics where Matsuoka began teaching

“Magic is where you develop magic formula in an area, whereby you then send in mana. Magic arts is where you carve the magic formula into a lapis, whereas you then project mana inside it. Do y’all understand the difference?”

The students nodded at Matsuoka’s question

The students each had their own individual displays, where it then explained the difference between magic and magic arts.

“Both magic and magic arts invoking speed is based on a practitioner’s rate of mana conveyance. To what extent can you swiftly convey the magic, or better said, it’s the ability of how fast you can move.”

Matsuoka sent a fleeting glance towards Mamoru, where his display then changed image.

The image displayed is of mana circulating inside the body.

“If you gather mana in one place, you’d strengthen that part by using magic strengthening which is a method well know during battle, but is there anyone here that understands why mana circulates?”

Matsuoka asked as the class fell into silence.

Obviously no one would know as Mamoru retorted to himself.

There’s scarcely anyone who can use that method as it hasn’t spread throughout society.

“Seems like no one here knows. This magic circulation peculiarity is not just sending one part of the mana to strength one area, instead it’s rapidly boosting one’s physical abilities. Though there’s a few that can use this, Astoria’s Knight, Sir Dreadnought, is one of these users.”

Matsuoka grinned and laughed.

Though Mamoru seemed annoyed, the others in the class were different.

“Sir Dreadnought, you mean Astoria’s shield!?”

“Is he an acquaintance of teachers!?”

“I wanna have a go at em!”

Matsuoka nodded in satisfaction after seeing how animated the class suddenly became.

Becoming a popular topic among the class, Mamoru silently leaked a sigh of complaint, enough so no one can hear.

“Now now, calm down. Let’s get back into discussing mana circulation as mana conveyance speed is necessary for this. If you circulate mana within your body at a high speed, it dramatically increases your physical strength. In Estia, this magic strengthening method is already outdated. Do you have an idea why? Yuuki”

Abruptly brought into this subject matter, not doing it to agitate him but rather specifically doing so, Mamoru silently swore at him inside.

“…….It’s because the people of Estia are poor at using mana within their bodies?”

“Right you are. But then there’s also a scarce amount of people on earth who could do the same. Now then, lets talk about Sir Dreadnought. First off, how many of you have heard of this Knight of Astoria?”

At his words, countless student’s hands rose.

Matsuoka called out a female student’s name


“Yes. Within Astoria’s Kingdom proudly boasted magician, there exist 48 names. They are only appointed on by Astoria’s present king and their successor. Regardless of one’s social status, I’ve heard many of the Knights come from diverse background. Their two names are decided when they are appointed, with basically Sir signifying their social status and their second name given on their ability”

“That is correct. Well, they’re overwhelming strong. They’re often compared to Lemuria’s A ranked mages, but they’re incomparable against the A ranked mages. And among the Knights, one of the youngest is Sir Dreadnought himself. He is also the sole Knight appointed under her Highness, Lilicia Astoria, the next queen.”

“Have teacher ever met him in person?”

Matsuoka sarcastically laughed at the student’s question and overemphasized his actions by closing his eye.

After sending icy cold glares at Matsuoka, Mamoru then changed towards his surrounding classmates who were overly excited.

Becoming a Knight of Astoria is something many of these student yearned to become.

They’ve often pictured the Knights as bodyguards of the kings, since Astoria’s king and Lilicia is often shown coming to Japan

However, knowing the true state of affairs the Knights played as, Mamoru could not yearn for the same things they’re yearning for.

The Knights shown on TV are only Knights that are good with public appearances.

Of the 48 knights, only a few have shown their faces on TV.

They are defending the nation’s border and having other duties assigned, but it differs in reality.

Whether there’s an exact double of Mamoru’s face, or if there’s a mercenary with many great wounds on his face, with benefits of being unknown besides their character and personality, there’s many who do not wish for public appearance.

Regardless of social status, as well as paying no mind to one’s personal history or personality too.

All that’s needed to pursue this in Astoria is showing a moderate amount of loyalty and overwhelming battle strength.

That is the true Knight, which will forever remain as the strongest.

“Only just once, but we had a chat when we met. He’s unexpectedly a good humored fella!”

As the class resounded in voices of delight, Mamoru sighed again.

He knows to not disobey Lilicia’s order of not revealing his status.

If Sir Dreadnought were to become known, it’ll be impossible for him to have his tranquil daily life.

It doesn’t look like he’ll achieve enlightenment here in the academy anymore as he thought. He’s indefinitely listening to the non-stop stories of Sir Dreadnought while sending glares at Matsuoka.

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