Impregnable ≪Dreadnought≫; Chapter 3: After school

Soojiki’s note: Sorry for the delay. Holiday came, job searching, 8 more months before bootcamp. Also received the official LN of My Entire Class Reincarnated, so I’m slowly updating the episodes and will be uploading pictures of scenes that matches. I’ll also have to rework the epub/pdf too. I actually enjoyed the pictures, but not going to rip em off the book just to get a clear copy…should have maybe bought epub versions but I like physical copies too! As always, enjoy!


After school that day

“Hey, hey, Mamoru. Are you not going to watch?”

With the end of the first day of classes, Mamoru began packing his things as one of the boys spoke.

Yagami Shun, a typical boy wearing glasses with hazy light brown hair.

He happens to sit in front of Mamoru.

“Yagami. You’re acting too overfamiliar you know, and what do you mean by watch?”

Mamoru said as Shun still kept his suggestive smile.

“We’re friends already, so Shun’s fine!”

“Setting asides being friends, alright Shun. Though I’ve said it once already…….. what’s watch?”

“You’ve decided that already? This academy, Saiun Academy, is one of the top 5 high schools that many in the country would want to enter! The greatest reason is!”

“The greatest reason?”

Probably understanding what he’s gonna say Mamoru thought, It’s probably that, while still asking.

Different from the anxious Mamoru, Shun daringly smiled, stood on a chair and clenched his fist.

“It’s cause there’s soooo many beauties! Therefore, lets go watch some babes”

“What’s with your therefore. I’ve no time to fool around with you.”

“It’s not fooling around! Mamoru! Are you suggesting that I am just fooling around!?”

Imagining what’ll happen after going on a beauties watch, Shun relaxed his face.

Wouldn’t he be arrested if someone tipped this off? as Mamoru thought while nodding his head.

“Doesn’t look like you’re not only going to play around”

“Ah, I’ve been exposed?”

“Exposed, or rather it’s been found out, ah, whatever. Anyways, I’m a no go”

Though it’s a little good for nothing, Mamoru gave his answer while face palming.

However, Shun, unfazed by Mamoru’s answer, approached him and placed his hands on Mamoru’s shoulder.

“Well, I understand Mamoru’s feeling of watching beauties to be a waste of time ya know”

“If you understood that then why are you suggesting it from the beginning…..”

“No no, isn’t this conversation itself a waste of youth? Life is limited so this is important, right”

I get it as Mamoru thought inwardly.

Like the time he spoke the same words to Lilicia, this time it’s Shun grinning while Mamoru staring.

Among the class, Shun has the best looks, is 175cm tall, and is humble too.

He heard from Matsuoka that Shun is probably the top rank in this class due to the entrance exams. Though if he never surfaced his playboy-ness, he’d probably be popular as Mamoru though while breathing a sigh.

“Why are you sighing?”

“Ah, don’t mind it. So? If you’ve abandoned watching beauties, what’s your next plan?”

As if expecting to hear that, Shun grinned deeply than before and pulled his MAD device from his breast pocket.

“Watching beauties means searching for a beautiful woman, which itself is a journey! But it’ll be a waste of time if we find none too, right”

“Nah, it’ll also be a waste if we found one…… Alternatively, what if we found one? Just going to flirt?”

“Appreciating her from a distance. It’s only when viewing the beauties, is when it soothes the heart right?”

Hearing Shun’s words again, Mamoru emphasized his nodding

At least Mamoru understood inside, 1st place is there, but competing in 2nd place is Lilicia. Yet the feeling of soothing is mostly non-existent from her.

“Did you perhaps have a bitter experience with a beautiful woman?

“You’re annoying. And? What’re you going to do now?”

“OO, that’s right, that’s right. If I used my network of information, then it’s not necessary that we need to walk in search of beauties. I just happen to know the number one beauties of each grade in school”

Eeheee as Shun proudly puffed with pride, while Mamoru thought of what to do and suddenly stopped.

From the MAD device that Shun took out, is a girl’s face who he happen to know of.


“Oh! You’ve got good eyes! Ranked 1 among the 1st years, and contending in 2nd in popularity is Kujyo Misaki-chan! She’s the top of the list among the 13 families and she’s a daughter of the Kujyos, and if you’ve happened to be an acquaintance of her, there’s no shortage of employment to worry about~!”

“For that reason it must be tough to make friends with her. However…….. that photo……..”

Misaki reflected from Shun’s MAD device shows her not wearing a Saiun Academy’s uniform.

Seems like a civilian clothes, as Mamoru tilts his head.

“You didn’t peep…….did you?”

“Why would she be smiling if I peeped? Looks like it’s a photo from the time the 13 families had a meeting. And it’s also a middle school uniform she has on. She’s a daughter of Kujyo, so of course there’s official business where she has to attend. She’s cuter than an ordinary idol and more popular ya know? ………Wait, you never knew?”

“Nope, I honestly don’t watch TV”

That reminds me, it explains why many of those guys back in middle school were all excited about the 13 families as Mamoru recalled.

At first Mamoru thought they were diligent guys who got excited over the topics that the 13 families talked about, but rather it seems the reason those guys became excited was due to her.

That solves the question back in middle school and he also thought it explained why Misaki was so surprised when they met by chance.

It’s cause he was unfazed, unflustered, and gave an ordinary self-introduction.

If she’s more popular than an idol, then her face would be well recognized.

Which explains why it happened during the entrance ceremony.

It’s cause of that she went behind the gym building, met Mamoru who probably sympathized her.

Seems like being a part of the 13 families has its own shares of troubles, adding with Misaki, then it makes the annoying surrounding unavoidable to associate with.

Mamoru figured she’s better off in A Class, since it has less students in it, but it’s difficult once after school comes, all while staring at Shun.

“Which means we’re comrades Mamoru! So come with me as we go soothe our eyes!”

Shun exaggeratedly spread his arms open as an invitation, forcing Mamoru to shrug his shoulder and answering.

“Well, it should be no problem if I just come along. And that’s all I’m doing, just coming along.”

“Eh……..? Seriously? What kind of turn of event is this………”

Mamoru’s answer shocked Shun, causing him to be surprised.

Though he invited, he never thought Mamoru would actually accept.

“Just a little feeling of change, that’s all”

Mamoru answered the still surprised Shun.

If he were to leave Shun alone, he’d fear something bad would happen to the girls which would cause him to loathe himself. Those were Mamoru’s true reason he kept to himself.

Not knowing that Mamoru categorized him as a dangerous man, Shun looked at his MAD device which showed Misaki, and looked back at Mamoru. He finally leaked Haaaa and said

“Don’t tell me……”


“You fell for her?”

“It’s not that!”

Mamoru sighed deeply and thought I knew it was a mistake going along with him.


“According to my information, Miss Misaki should be up on the rooftop now”

“Where’d you get that information from……..”

“Besides standing out as a beautiful girl, she’s also a celebrity. Because of that, tons of eyewitness reports is up on the net”

His MAD flickering, Shun grinned.

Though its supposed to be use for a more important purpose, Mamoru shook his head in amazement as Shun seems to use it to find beauties instead.

“Such a waste of intelligence gathering skills”

“It’s fine since I don’t think it’s such a waste!”

With a grin plastered onto his face, Shun continued walking up the stairs.

While delaying in following, Mamoru glanced around his surrounding.

There seems to be no signs of life as they steadily approached the rooftop.

Probably choosing to avoid a popular place, as obvious as that should be, Mamoru recalled a faint memory

If there’s no one, then some kind of trouble is usually involved. Mamoru failed to recognized it though.

Saiun Academy has surveillance sensors, as usage of magic is prohibited within school grounds, which will sound an alarm if magic has been invoked.

All personal attacking magic are prohibited, and those who carries the engraved lapis of that prohibited magic has to be deemed necessary.

Therefore, less amount of magic related incidents happens.

But there are still some.

The youthful children living their lives, with plenty of emotional settings that can cause them to make a bold use of magic.

But it’ll be fine if nothing happens.

And after Mamoru finished thinking that, Shun’s pace stopped.

“What’s up?”


Just a short distance away is the door leading to the rooftop.

However, Shun squatted as to conceal himself, beckoning Mamoru to follow suit.

Copying Shun, Mamoru uttered tsk to himself.

On the opposite side of the door.

There a tall, male high school student gripped Misaki’s hand.

“Is Miss Misaki in a pinch? Ah, but she’s in A class so she should have the power to repel such actions?”

“No, looks like she isn’t able to do so?”

Concentrating his eyes, Mamoru examined Misaki’s arms and legs.

There seems to be no ornaments and doesn’t seem to be anything suspending from her neck.

Basically, there’s many shapes of Gears in the forms of a bracelet or necklace.

If it’s not attached to the body, then one can’t utilize mana.

Though you can engrave a formula onto your hands, Misaki doesn’t seem to be that kind of person who would do that.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“She probably has no Gear on herself”

A magician with no Gear is a useless magician.

This is unconditional, with no exceptions no matter how strong a magician can be.

On the battlefield, the moment a magician loses it’s Gear, is the moment they become a powerless human.

So you are drilled on not losing your Gear. That’s the very first lesson magician’s are taught.

The academy avoided magic related incidents due to the fact they did not collect individual Gears.

Gears are a lifeline to magicians. Relinquishing possession of it will cause extreme anxiety to many.

“Kujyo-ojousan wouldn’t ever be without her Gear….”

“It may have broken down or be in the middle of maintenance. Anyways……if we don’t do something, things will get serious”

Mamoru muttered as Misaki’s hands were seized.

Finally understanding the seriousness of the situation they’re in, Shun face turned pale.

“What to do? Use magic to cause an alarm?”

“There’s no point if we separated from this place. First of all, we should show ourselves. And if nothing happens, then it’s fine. If that man is suspicious……I’ll stop him”

“You’re quite the confidant one……?”

“I happen to specialize in taijutsu. There should be no problem if its up close”

Saying so, Mamoru and Shun both nodded, stood up and opened the door.


“Misaki-chan. You’re free after this? Let’s go on a date together.”

“Please release me. Do you want me to yell for help?”

“Nah, no point. There’s rarely anyone that comes here. That’s why you’ll come along, no?”

Misaki’s objection didn’t get over this 2nd year male student’s head.

On her way to return home after leaving class, Misaki was swarmed by students. In order to escape from the disturbance, she sought an isolated location and ended up on the rooftop.

Finding her was that 2nd year male student, who came flirting aggressively causing this current situation.

At first it started with words, but the agitation rose within that guy, causing
him to grip strongly onto her arms.

When this usually happens, she would lightly brush aside said instigator with magic, but unfortunately her Gear is undergoing adjustment, causing her to be without her Gear.

The male student easily recognized that as he changed his attitude and pressed onto Misaki further.

“Just a little is fine. Think of it as fan service”

“My duty as a daughter of one of the 13 families is during public appearance. That service you speak of is no obligation of mine”

She spoke as an idol would in such situation to people who are unarguable. Since she came to Saiun Academy, she mercilessly used such words on the male students who would become irritated.

Misaki thought the male student would surely scowl, however the student paid no heed to it.

Without her Gear, Misaki threats are no longer necessary to be afraid of.

If I had my Gear

She couldn’t help but think so.

It should be fine for one day, there’s no negligence.

The potential of being involved in any trouble is unlikely in this academy.

She should have carried a spare Gear, as thoughts of regrets swirled within

“Though I’m not part of the 13 families, I also come from a splendid pedigree you know? I’m also part of the greatest B class, so there shouldn’t be any problem with just a date with me right?”

There’s no correlation of being a dating partner due to pedigree or grades.

When Misaki was about to say so, the male student’s eyes were bloodshot, causing her to not speak.

She’s not in a good position to be provoking him as she doesn’t know what would happen.

She might have to go together with him until there are more people as witness.

When she thought of that, the rooftop door opened.

The male student quickly turned around.

He’s probably aware of the consequences of his deeds if he’s discovered by anyone.

“Apologies senpai. But doesn’t this seems as if she dislikes what you’re doing?”

Two student came from the opened rooftop door

And one of them spoke.

She remembered the person who called out the male student’s conduct.


“From the entrance ceremony. So? This doesn’t seem to be lover’s quarrel, correct?”

Misaki nodded towards Mamoru question.

Seeing her nod, Mamoru’s hunchback form straightened as he turned his gaze towards the male student.

“Why don’t you take your hands off her?”

“Shut up! You’re a 1st year aren’t you? If you don’t want any trouble, forget what you saw right now and turn back now! Or else you’ll end up injured!”

The male student took one hand off of Misaki and pointed in the direction of Mamoru.

In that hand is a white Gear bracelet.


“Showing yourself now aren’t you!? Don’t you know using personal magic is prohibited within school grounds!”

“Shut it! Silence! You’ll regret not following what I’ve said! Ah, this is just fine. You don’t want me to injure these guys now do you? If Misaki-chan goes on a date with me”

His words didn’t continue any further.

The moment he turned to look towards Misaki to see her in frenzy, is when Mamoru approached the male student.

Seeing Misaki’s surprised face, the male student was about to turn back, but couldn’t.

Mamoru struck the side of said male student’s head.

“Your ways of asking is crude. Even Shun’s approach is better. “

His words were timed together with his strike, saying so while twisting his body to gather momentum.

And he faintly applied his right hand onto the male student’s side of the head.

The blow itself wasn’t at all strong.

However, the male student’s vision became distorted and his knees immediately crippled.

Releasing qi from Chinese’s Wushu.

Mamoru reproduce this art by using mana, as sending qi or transferring qi is a secret.

With a mere impact and sending in mana, the male student’s inner mana stream became disturbed.

It’s a technique where if you strengthened it, it would potentially destroy one’s inner organs. With Mamoru’s exquisite manipulation, he only made it to knock someone out cold.

Mamoru took the Gear off from the male student and pinned his arm behind his back.

Misaki understood the theory of the movement used to provide security to

Herself and her father’s guards are average compare to how skillful he did. She took a long hard look at Mamoru.

“Yuuki-kun…..who are you……”

“I was taught taijutsu from a former soldier and at that time, I learned this. Well, its all fine and dandy if I speak about myself…..but what are you planning to do with this guy? Though I didn’t use magic, wouldn’t people think this looks like excessive self-defense?”

“No, no, it’s the fault of this senpai as he threatens you with the usage of a Gear. Though you brilliantly subdued him, wouldn’t it normally not be like this?”

“It’s just cause he was negligent. Or something like that. Well, it’s fine if it’s not excessive self-defense. So, what should we do?”

Mamoru replied back at Shun’s question.

It’ll be fine if he’s subdued, but they haven’t thought of what to do after that.

Shun muttered I thought so and looked at Misaki.

“We’ll call a teacher and Kujyo-san will explain the situation that happened safely. Though I can’t guarantee if senpai here will remain in his current condition as we leave to the staff room, so we should probably restrain him.”

Mamoru agreed with Shun’s decision. As the dizziness concluded, he strengthened the electrical binding on the male student.

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